Monday, October 17, 2011


Draft Code of Practice released for comment

Safe Work Australia has announced the release of draft Codes of Practice to accompany the new national Workplace Health and Safety regulations for public comment. A draft code has been developed for “Safe Design of Buildings and Structures”. The biggest change for Queensland building designers is that their responsibilities for design for safety during construction will in future apply to houses as well as other classes of building.

BDAQ is planning to deliver detailed training on the codes of interest to building designers during the postponed road show in March 2012. We are currently considering making comment on the Code of Practice for Safe Design of Buildings and Structures and would like to share some of the key issues for designers now.
In the same way that designers consider the future impact of a building on environmental sustainability, designers should consider how their design will affect the health and safety of those who will interact with the building or structure throughout its life.
This means thinking about potential hazards and design solutions as the building or structure is constructed, commissioned, used, maintained, repaired, refurbished or modified, decommissioned, demolished or dismantled and disposed or recycled.

In addition to core design capabilities, the following skills and knowledge should be demonstrated or acquired by a designer:
·         knowledge of work health and safety legislation, codes of practice and other regulatory requirements
·         understanding the purpose of the building or structure and how it could be used in the future
·         knowledge of hazard identification, risk assessment and control methods
·         knowledge of technical design standards, and
·         the ability to source and apply relevant data on human dimensions, capacities and behaviours.
This is the reason BDAQ will be using the March Roadshow for some in depth training on the issues included in the relevant codes and the legislation. Members should take the opportunity to update their skills and knowledge in these important areas.
BDAQ is also reviewing our existing documentation proformas to ensure that all members have access to the information and documentation that will make it easier to comply with the responsibilities under the legislation and codes of practice. The revised documentation will be available for the March Roadshow.
If you would like to have your say about the draft codes or would like to add your comment to the BDAQ submission, you can access the drafts at

Monday, October 3, 2011

Intext Wins Documentation Awards

Bert Priest, principal of Intext Design, has taken out the 2011 BDAQ Documentation Awards in both the Residential and Commercial categories from several high quality entries.

The documentation stage begins once the design process has been completed. This stage of work is commonly termed within the industry as the ‘working drawing and specification stage’.

The building industry has recognised that poor documentation is the cause of billions of dollars being wasted on construction sites annually. BDAQ is committed to promoting good documentation to its members and to give recognition to its members who produce first class documentation.

Bert is a prolific winner of the Documentation Awards and BDAQ congratulates him on another demonstration of quality documentation in 2011.

Twenty Years of Building Design - A History of BDAQ

The world has changed a lot in twenty years!

Imagine a world without internet, email or mobile phones!
Now imagine a few business people who happened to hear about pending legislation that would utterly destroy their business and that of many other similar businesses.

This is not fiction, this is the story of Building Designers’ Association of Queensland Inc.
The story of how this news spread throughout Queensland in a flash, of how the fledgling group took on the might of the a professional institute with a hundred years history to first delay and then utterly defeat the legislation, of how the few became hundreds and of how business competitors became business colleagues, is the story of the Building Designers’ Association of Queensland.

It is a truly David and Goliath story that transformed the design industry forever. It is about the creation of a whole new profession and about the men and women who shaped the future and where good building design was given back to the people.
And it was all done without internet, email or a mobile phone! Read more click on the link below!
Mission Accomplished? 20 Years of BDAQ